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Wahl Wedge Blade Set Suit Senior Clipper

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WAHL 2-Hole Wedge Blades


  • Standard Wedge Blade Set for WAHL Senior Clipper WA8504-012
  • One 2-Hole Blade Set
  • Factory sealed to protect their micro-lapped cutting surfaces
  • Including oil & screws
  • For professional use only
  • Made in USA


Installation Instructions


Wahl Wedge Blade Set Suit Senior Clipper

  • On adjustable clippers, push taper lever all the way up toward lid
  • On all clippers, position small moving blade over the clipper drive finger
  • Set large stationary blade on small moving blade and partially tighten blade screws
  • Move stationary blade into alignment, making sure the ends of moving blade teeth are .025 to .050 back from stationary blade (picture shown on product)
  • Tighten screws
  • Never tap on teeth to move the stationary blade
  • Blades are now correctly lined up
  • Apply clipper oil to blades before turning on clipper