Silky Rolls Lash Perming Kit

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Silky Rolls Lash Perming Kit

Perfect for people who crave that extra curl for their lashes.

Made with premium quality ingredients, lashes will remain curled for 1 month.


Silky Primer - Use the silky primer on a cotton swab, when wiping the eyelashes and around the eyes.

Cotton Pad – Use with silky primer when cleaning the eyelashes and around.

Silky Rolls Glue – Use with the silicon pad to fix it on the underside of the eye. Use it on the top of the silicon pad to fix eyelashes.

Silicon Pad – Use Silicon Pad to make eyelashes curl. Attach bottom half along the eye line and attach eyelashes to the other half with glue.

Disposable palette - Use with the Silky Rolls cream. Please use each disposable palette for silky rolls cream. 

Silky Rolls Cream – Two creams for making the curl. Must use in order.

Microbrush – Use when applying the silky rolls cream to eyelashes.

Woodstick – Use to correct the direction or location of eyelashes on Silicon Pad.

Silky Eyelash Serum – Use to provide nourishment for eyelashes. Must put on 1 and 2 times a day along the eyeline after the wash