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Nak Color Masque Magenta 260ML

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Nak Color Masque Magenta 260ML

Create harmonious colour brilliance in pre-lightened blonde, platinum blonde, colour treated and natural hair. Featuring shine-enhancing Macadamia Oil and our NAK Vegan Complex to restore hair fabric softness, hydration and lustre. Gracefully fades with cleansing. A luxe collection of brights and pastels, designed for creative colour replenishment. Gently colours the outer cuticle layer of the hair, with semi-permanent cationic pigments while enhancing conditioning with our NAK Vegan Complex of Coconut, Aloe, Rice and Pear.

Available colours:

Rouge: a fuchsia red, with a hint of scarlet
Babydoll: a neon pink, with a hint of bubblegum
Amethyst: a bright lavender, with a hint of berry
Candy: a silvery pink, with a hint of lilac
Carbon: a natural black, with a hint of charcoal
Cloud: a pearlescent silver
Coco: a chocolate brown, with a hint of toffee
Dusk: a rosy beige, with a hint of lavender
Flamingo: a rose pink, with a hint of peach
Gothic: a cosmic purple, with a hint of blue
Magenta: a mulberry red, with a hint of plum
Peach: a coral pink, with a hint of gold
Powder: a creamy pink, with a hint of rose
Sky: a silver-grey, with a hint of violet