Murrays Liquid Bees Wax Holds Braids Cornrows Twists 118ML

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Murrays Liquid Bees Wax Holds Braids, Cornrows And Twists Tighter And Longer 118ML

The perfect oil to help extend the life of your style.
Murray's has liquefied beeswax for an easy to apply oil for natural styles. Tee Tree Oil, Shea Butter and other natural fruit oils combine to create an all purpose oil that will soothe your hair and scalp, moisturize and prevent itchiness.
The liquid beeswax helps hold flyaway and loose hair to keep your style looking fresh longer.

Styling Instructions:
Use after braiding or styling to provide relief from tightness, preventing itching, and eliminate flaking.
Adds shine and sheen to all natural styles. When braids itch or feel tight, to prevent dryness, apply directly to scalp between wefts (braids).
Before tying hair down at night with a hairnet, or non-cotton wrap scarf, work throughout hair.
Gently apply to loose strands-placing loose ends back in place.
These styling tips will help maintain and extend the life of your style.