1821 Man Made Shaving Glide 177ML

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1821 Man Made Shaving Glide 177ML

18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide | Spiced Tobacco
Pre Shave, Precision Shave and Post Shave lotion. All in One.

IDEAL FOR ALL CONDITIONS: Our non-foaming shaving gel is perfect for males wanting a clean, precise shave sans foam. Our high-quality shaving glide offers pre-shave and post-shave benefits with a paraben-free formula for any skin and razor type.

CLEAR CONSISTENCY: The translucent shaving gel is non-lathering, which allows you to see exactly where to shave for desired effect. The clear gel allows precise edging around beards and mustaches and proper line and clean-up of sideburns and neck.

HYDRATE SKIN: Our deeply conditioning shaving formula will soften and prepare your skin for shaving, while also protecting, moisturizing, and invigorates the skin. After shaving, it will continue to soothe skin and fight irritation long after use.